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Parsnip wine recipe - Homebrew

One of the vegetables I was really looking forward to growing was parsnips. I just love their sweet delicate flavour when roasted with honey and smothered in gravy. The idea was to harvest them in time for Christmas dinner – which we did! I have a ridiculous amount of them left though and nowhere to store them. Apart from roasting them, there were no other recipes I wanted to try and since I had an unoccupied fermentation bucket, I decided to start a parsnip wine. Recipe  1.8Kilo Parsnips (preferably after a hard frost)1 can white grape juice concentrate (these are expensive, so I need to find an alternative)1.1Kilo Sugar ( I only had white and it was vanilla sugar too)1/2 tsp of tannin ( I also didn’t have this so used a cup of very strong tea)1 sachet of white wine yeast1tsp Citric Acid1 Campden tablet crushed1tsp yeast nutrient1 tsp pectolyaseWater
Method  Scrub, peel and top and tail parsnipsBoil in 2 pints of water until tender (about 20 mins)Strain this infused water into a clean a…

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